" Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another." -- Marva Collins

About Us

Saxonwold Pre-school was originally opened in the 1970’s by the then Transvaal Education Department. The T.E.D subdivided a portion of the erf which housed Saxonwold Primary Junior Primary buildings and converted them into what was then known as “Saxonwold Pre-school” This school was managed separately from the Primary School as a T.E.D Nursery School.

In 1998 the Gauteng Department of Education in accordance with the National Department of Education policy, began to close down all T.E.D. pre-school centers. The phasing out process took three years and the school was finally closed on the 31st December 2001.

During the phasing out process in July 2000, an Independent Pre-school hired two of the vacant classrooms to open a new Pre-school. The school was called “The Wold Pre-Primary” The Saxonwold Primary School Governing Body became the legal entity of the Wold as the buildings were to be returned to the Primary School. The School Governing Body appointed the Primary school Principal as the Principal of The Wold. The Principal then employed a Head of Department to manage the day to day functioning of the school.

On the 8th December 2001 the Gauteng Education Department removed all the Equipment belonging to the Government form the premises, and formally returned the grounds and building to the Saxonwold Primary School S.G.B. On the 1st January 2002 “The Wold Pre-Primary officially opened with 3 classes. Gr0, Gr00 and Gr000. One of the conditions laid out by the Government was that all financial affairs of the Gr 0 and Pre-school were to be kept separately from the Public Primary Schools Funds. A Pre-school Governing Body was then elected to manage the financial affairs of the school. The school registered as an Independent Pre-school.

From 1st January 1994 Saxonwold Primary had permission from the G.D.E. to host a Grade 0 class on their premises; in 2002 this class became incorporated into the Wold Pre-school. In 2006 a further Gr0 class was established. This class was accommodated in a classroom which was not being utilized by the Primary school at that time.

In 2006 a nursery was built onto the existing buildings, which enabled The Wold Pre-School to cater for children from age 4 months.

In 2008 the Gauteng Education Department set about a programme to reintroduce GrR as a compulsory phase of education in Public schools, although funding still needed to be generated by the school. The Wold Pre-school functions today as an independent pre-school which belongs to the Saxonwold Primary Schools Governing Body.

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